EzW2 Tax Preparation Software Always Comes With Prompt, No Cost Customer Support

Prompt customer responses is essential for new and seasoned employers using ezW2 tax preparation software. Employers can get details by visiting www.halfpricesoft.com

Halfpricesoft.com developer’s have ensured customer’s using ezW2 tax preparation software receive quick response customer support.  With email, live chat and remote access support during the trial period and the paid version of the software, customer’s can rest easy knowing they won’t have to wait days for a response.  There is no charge for the customer support team to assist in purchasing or answering questions on running the software application or instructions on printing or e filing  W2 or 1099 MISC forms.

"Halfpricesoft.com gives quick response customer support for customer’s during the trial and purchased version of ezW2 2014 and 1099 MISC software.” said Halfprice.com founder Dr. Ge.

Halfpricesoft.com gives quick response customer support for customer's during the trial and purchased version of ezW2 2014 and 1099 MISC software.

Dr. Ge, President

With the newly released 2014 ezW2 and 1099 tax form preparation software for the 2015 tax season, businesses and nonprofits can prepare and print W2 by printing on white paper, mailing,  or sending via PDF files to employees quickly and effortlessly! Download this software by visiting the link below


ezW2 new edition implements the following form changes according IRS instructions and has been approved by the  IRS to print 2014 tax forms on white paper.

-          The title of the contact name, telephone number, email address, and fax number boxes on forms W3 has been changed to the employer's contact person,employer's telephone number, employer's email address, and employer's fax number, respectively.

-          On form W3, the employer's fax number box has been replaced with the employer's email address box to allow for a longer email address.

White paper printing available and SSA approved.

-               This new white paper printing function can print all W2 forms (copy A, B, C, D, 1 and 2) and W3 on white paper. The black and white substitute forms of W2 Copy A and W3 are SSA-approved. So no pre-printed forms are needed for SSA copies and recipient copies.

 -       EzW2 2014 can print 1099-misc recipient copies on white paper. Since IRS does not certify the substitute forms right now, ezW2 will fill data on the red-ink forms for 1099 MISC copy A and 1096.

PDF printing and efiling  is included in the advanced version.

-         EzW2 can print W2 and 1099 recipient copies into digital PDF files and customers can email  forms easily.

-               EzW2 can generate efile documents that customers can upload to SSA and IRS sites.

Designed with simplicity in mind, ezW2 is easy, flexible and reliable. The halfpricesoft.com development team is confident that  this tax software is less expensive than most on the market.  New customers with only  basic computer skills and accounting know-how can run this software easily.

EzW2 is compatible with Windows 8.1.  It can  run on Windows XP, Me, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8 systems. There is no internet connection needed to run this W2 application.  Even  the smallest of businesses can benefit from this easy to use W2 filing software.

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New customers can ensure ezW2 meets their needs by trying the software at no risk or obligation. Download and print forms instantly at  http://www.halfpricesoft.com/w2_software.asp

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