EzCheckPrinting Software Gives Home Businesses Ways to Save Time During Holidays

During the busy holiday season, many business owners are now turning to the latest ezCheckPrinting business software to save time in printing checks on blank stock. Test drive at www.halfpricesoft.com.

ezCheckPrinting check writer from halfpricesoft.com (http://www.halfpricesoft.com) speeds up check printing and billing paying by enabling customers to print using blank check stock. Home business owners that want to save time and money this 2015 holiday season are welcome to try out this check printing software for free at halfpricesoft.com.

ezCheckPrinting is stand-alone desktop software to print checks to bills, print blank check to fill in later and print bank draft to receive payments. The latest version of ezCheckPrinting software has also been updated for QuickBooks 2016 and Windows 10. Quicken and QuickBooks can now print checks on blank stock with ezCheckPrinting in one step also.

Never order expensive checks from bank. ezCheckPrinting software enables small businesses to print professional checks in house easily

Dr. Ge, President

ezCheckPrinting software is easy-to-use and flexible desktop application. Starting as low as $39 per installation for a single-user license key or $69 for the QuickBooks compatible version (ezCheckPrinting single user plus Virtual Printer), ezCheckPrinting makes professional looking checks and automated check writing easy for any size business. Customers can use ezCheckPrinting to print checks to pay bills, print blank checks to fill in manually later and print bank drafts to collect payments.

Virtual Printer is the optional add-on for QuickBooks and Quicken customers. With this new virtual printer, QuickBooks users no longer have to enter check data manually to take advantage of the blank stock printing features. Simply select this ezCheckPrinting Virtual Printer as the current printer, and  print checks from QuickBooks and Quicken.

“Never order expensive checks from bank. ezCheckPrinting software enables small businesses to print professional checks in house easily.” said Halfpricesoft.com founder, Dr. Ge

To take advantage of this QuickBooks and Quicken printing feature, user needs to install both ezCheckPrinting software and the virtual printer on their machine. New customers can download the trial version of ezCheckPrinting, online at http://www.halfpricesoft.com/check_printing_software_download.asp and sample all of the software’s features.

The feature benefits are listed below:

-Supports unlimited  clients

- Supports company logo and other customizable design features for a professional, corporate look to company checks

- Supports network version from 2-10 users

- Reprint checks from the register quickly

-Eliminates extended learning curve for those who don’t have an accounting or IT background

- Supports unlimited accounts

- Supports printing unlimited number of checks

- Prints MICR characters accepted by most banks (for use with laser printers) — Eliminates high cost pre printed bank checks

- Supports both  blank check stock and  pre-printed checks in check-on-top, check-in-middle, or check-on-bottom formats

-Supports signature image on checks to save time signing checks

- Supports multiple easy to use report features

- Export and import of check data for use with ezTimeSheet, Excel file, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, and other accounting software

- Print recurring checks

Customers can also  import the check data from external checks and print hundreds of checks with just a few clicks. This import feature enables ezCheckPrinting print checks for QuickBooks, Quicken, ezPaycheck, Peachtree or other software.

To learn more about this check writer software, visit http://www.halfpricesoft.com/product_ezCheck.asp

About halfpricesoft.comHalfpricesoft.com is a leading provider of small business software, including payroll software, employee attendance tracking software, check printing software, W2, software, 1099 software, and ezACH Deposit software. Today, software from halfpricesoft.com is trusted by thousands of valuable clients. This software also assists small business owners in simplifying their payroll processing and business management.


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