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New 2012 edition of ezW2 Software available now. Updated W2, W3, 1099 & 1096 tax forms, new print option and e-filing included. Try it free at

W2 and 1099 form mailing deadline to recipients is Jan 31, 2013. Small business owners and HR managers who need to prepare and print tax form in time can turn to ezW2 software. recently released the new 2012 edition of ezW2, including updates to the tax forms and a new 4-up printing format that saves users money when printing W2 forms for employees.

EzW2 is a popular small-business software application for preparing, printing and e-filing W2, W3, 1099 and 1096 tax forms. The 2012 edition updates all the forms (W2, W3, 1099, 1099-misc and 1096) required for a business to prepare and file taxes for 2012 along with a new printing format option. Customers can now use ezW2 to print four W2 forms on a single page, reducing consumption of expensive IRS-required red-ink forms to a fourth of that required when printing one form to a page and half that required for printing two to a page.

" is always looking for ways to improve our products and help customers save time and money," said founder Dr. Ge. "Adding the ability to print four forms to a page is one more step in that direction, as are other recently added features, like form-level 'Help' buttons and electronic distribution and filing." added help buttons to the display of each form, indicated by a question mark icon next to elements on a form, for the 2011 edition of ezW2. When users click on a help button, a window opens on the computer screen to display answers to the most common questions about the particular form element.

In 2012 added electronic distribution and filing of forms. Any of the forms handled by ezW2 can be printed in portable document format (PDF) for distribution via e-mail or download. Customers can also file W2 forms with the IRS electronically via the IRS' FIRE platform, ensuring quick filing with confirmed receipt by the IRS, eliminating many problems that can occur when filing paper forms.

ezW2 2012 Edition Still Boasts Customers' Favorite Features
All the other money- and time-saving features that customers have come to love about ezW2 are also included in the 2012 edition, including:
Social Security Administration-approved substitute forms for printing W2 Copy A and W3 on plain white paper instead of costly pre-printed forms
Attractive graphical interface so simple and intuitive that customers can get started right away even without a background in accounting or extensive computer experience
Quick import of contractor and employee 1099 and W2 data
Automatic generation of forms W3 and 1096
Save form data for later use and modification-no need for users to enter the data for the same employees next year
Supports an unlimited number of employees
Supports an unlimited number of businesses - Great for accountants!
Affordable for any business: just $39 per installation

To ensure each customer's satisfaction, makes this W2 and 1099 software available for free download at Customers can test-drive the software along with all if its available features without cost or obligation before purchasing. The download even includes a sample database so customers can sample the software without having to enter data. The only limiting factor to the free downloaded software is that a "DEMO" or "SAMPLE" watermark prints across each page until a license key is purchased and registered. License keys are available for just $39 per installation on the ezW2 software download page.

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